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The Film

The Peloton Project is a documentary film that follows nearly 40 cyclists as they prepare to take on the 2013 Cancervive Peloton Project and the cancer patients they are riding to raise funds to treat. It is an emotional, physically challenging journey toward understanding and healing.

On October 3rd, 2013, the Peloton cycling team embarked on a 2,500-mile journey from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to Lewiston, Maine, for The Dempsey Challenge. They completed the ride in just 10 days, cycling relay-style day and night. This means that each of the six teams must complete 100 miles in their 6-hour leg of the relay in order to stay on schedule. The film follows their 24-hour a day trip through snow, ice, mountains, wind, rain and harrowing close calls with death.

Woven throughout the team’s journey across North America are the heartbreaking and inspirational stories of cancer survivors, caregivers, and a person who has just been diagnosed with cancer. We see their fears and goals, their will to live for themselves and the ones they love.

The film goes far beyond telling you how to think about cancer and remains with you weeks and years later. It shows fear and fearlessness, despair and hope in a grand, remarkable metaphor for living with cancer.

For more information about the film, or to arrange screenings, contact: Laura Davis - 207-240-9693

Peleton Ride Map

The Ride

  • 4 Provinces, 7 States
  • 3 Border Crossings
    2 from Canada into U.S. and 1 from U.S. to Canada
  • 40+ Riders
  • 20+ Warriors
  • 15 Peloton Volunteers
    including RV drivers, transport drivers, & medical support
  • Distance: Over 2500 miles (4023 km)

The Riders

Bill Gilliland
Lavina Gilliland
Heather Friesen
Shane Friesen
Cheryl-Ann Orr
Andy Bailes
Keith Inman
Marshall Cole
Anjali Inman
Heather Dougall
Andrew Harker
Heather Cooper
Kathryn Jeans
Laurel Shuttleworth
Scott Linklater
David Holgate
Martha Macdonnell
Jenny Scott
Steve Lily
Steven Wright
Sandy Coull
Kerry Appleton
Tom Ebbern
Richard Raap
John Flegg
Nancy Wright
Tom Zavesiczky
Kevin Pasenau
Peggy Pankhurst-Brosens
David Johnson
David MacGregor
Valerie Nontell
Gwen Dawes Harker
Rick Wolcott
Darrell Jones
Lisa Campfens
Alison Jones
Alain Campea

Peleton Warrior

The Warriors

Claudette Knieriem
Sarah White
Jamie Treadgold
Joanne Olsen
Karla Laing
Jacquie Wiart-Lapp
Kevin Yorston
Terri Dowling
Nigel Brockton
Shae Walker
Shelley Kunzel
Laurie Johnston
Marilyn Langdon
Brooke Patton
Debbie Travis
Nicola Roe
Andy Winslow