The Ride

The Route

Ride Logistics

  • 4 Provinces, 7 States
  • 3 Border Crossings (2 from Canada into U.S. and 1 from U.S. to Canada)
  • 40+ Riders
  • 20+ Warriors
  • 15 Peloton Volunteers including RV drivers, transport drivers, & medical support


  • Over 2500 miles (4023 km)

Elevation in key places

  • Calgary, Alberta – 3,438 ft (1,048 m)
  • Sault Saint Marie, Ontario – 192 ft (309 m)
  • Presidential Mountain Range – Bartlet N.H. valleys 680 ft (210 m) summits 3000 ft
  • (915 m) Riding near the base of Mt. Washington which peaks at 6,288 ft
  • Lewiston, Maine – 217 ft (349 m)


  • Plains, hillside, mountains, valleys, and everything in between


As the team knows from previous trips, the weather can also be miserable. The ride takes the team along much of the edge of Lake Superior, and as the team approaches the Great Lakes the temperatures will drop and they may experience biting fog or freezing precipitation. Once they arrive at the base of Mount Washington, “the home of the worlds worst weather,” anything can happen. Once they make it through the Presidential Range of the White Mountains, the weather will remain cool and mild during the final legs to Maine.

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