Shane Friesen





Calgary, Alberta


Sales for Big Guns

What is your level of experience with cycling?: 


How many years have you done the peloton ride?: 

This is my first year

Why are you riding in the peloton?: 

Raising money to support people who are going through cancer.   

What are your top 5 inspirational songs you listen to while riding?: 

1) ACDC Thunderstruck
2) Metallica - Give me Fuel Give me Fire
3) Metallica - Enter Sandman
4) Guns and Roses - Sweet Child O Mine
5) LL Cool J - Momma said knock you out

Who are you riding for?: 

I'm riding for everyone who has been affected by cancer.

What do you hope to get out of the experience this year?: 

I hope to have a good time with my team. 

What are you looking forward to most?: 

Travelling to places I've never seen before.

What is your biggest fear for this journey?: 

Having a sore arse.

If cancer walked into the room, what would you say to it?: 

Go away you are not welcome here.

What makes you pedal harder—(when the riding gets tough, what do you think about)?: 

When the riding gets tough which for me is up the hill I just think that it will eventually end I will be going down the hill.


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