Richard Raap



The Flying Dutchman / Swedish Chef




Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Management Consultant

What is your bike's name?: 


What is your level of experience with cycling?: 


How many years have you done the peloton ride?: 

1 year, 11

Why are you riding in the peloton?: 


Last year's ride was such a great experience, although ironically I learned off my mum's cancer diagnosis on day 3 of the ride, that I came back for more. 

Our team did a good job in balancing riding hard, having fun and having a good laugh at each other and the rest of the peleton. I hope we can repeat that experience.

What are your top 5 inspirational songs you listen to while riding?: 

I never listen to music when I am riding. Just the signing of my cogs, the clicking of my deraileur. Plus all the complaining and whining of the rest of my team :-)

Who are you riding for?: 

My mum

What do you hope to get out of the experience this year?: 

A sense of achievement, an awareness of Wellspring amongst my friends and colleagues, and the great work they do.

What are you looking forward to most?: 

The camaraderie, seeing Canada and the Eastern U.S.

What is your biggest fear for this journey?: 


Napoleon's wrath

Tommy riding into me

Alison complaining

Darrell getting grumpy

Steven kicking my butt

How have you been affected by cancer?: 


I have had several friends and family member get this wicked disease. 

It just sucks.

If cancer walked into the room, what would you say to it?: 

F...k Off!

What makes you pedal harder—(when the riding gets tough, what do you think about)?: 

Although the riding may get touch, wet and cold, it does not compare to going through cancer treatment.

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