Joanne Olsen





Calgary, Alberta


Sales Management - Colgate Palmolive.

If you have cancer, what is your diagnosis?: 

I was diagnosed with stage IIb Invasive Ductal Sarcoma (Breast Cancer). I am Triple positive (Estrogen, Progesterone, HER2 positive).

What treatments have you undergone?: 

I chose to have a double mastectomy - I had cancer only in one breast. (it was the right one that was misbehaving), but I decided to remove the left as I figured they were a "team". They came in together and they went out together (RIP Nov 4, 2011). After surgery I had Chemotherapy (6 Rounds) and Radiation (22 rounds).

If cancer walked into the room, what would you say to it?: 

If Cancer walked into the room I would say ""Cancer, what the heck are you doing here? I thought you got my message loud and clear - I don't like you, I don't need you and I don't want you! You have already wasted too much of my precious time, keeping me up one too many nights worrying about you. You are a bully, a parasite and a party crasher. You were not invited to life's please pick up your things and go back to where you came from once and for all. Go now and nobody will get hurt. I promise to dedicate the rest of my life to see to it that you don't crash another party!"

Who is your Rider?: 

Nancy Wright

When were you first diagnosed?: 

I was first diagnosed Oct 4, 2011.

What are your top 5 inspirational songs?: 

1. Imagine (John Lennon), 2. What a wonderful World (Louis Armstrong), 3. Fighter (Christina Aguilera), 4. Good Riddance (Green Day), 5. Don't give up (Peter Gabriel).

Relationship to your Rider: 


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