David Johnson







Calgary, Alberta


lawyer, retiring soon.

What is your bike's name?: 

Kevan's bike.

What is your level of experience with cycling?: 


Why are you riding in the peloton?: 

Two friends rode last year and one chose my wife as his warrior. My father and sister experienced cancer in the past 2 years.

What are your top 5 inspirational songs you listen to while riding?: 

I've been advised not to listen to anything while riding for safety reasons.

Who are you riding for?: 

Laurie, Dorothy, Karen, my father's memory, and the 100+ friends who donated.

What do you hope to get out of the experience this year?: 

This is a giving experience not a getting one, so I have no hopes in that regard. I hope my warrior has a fun weekend.

What are you looking forward to most?: 

Greeting friends in Lewiston and participating in the Dempsey weekend.

What is your biggest fear for this journey?: 

Accident or injury.

How have you been affected by cancer?: 

My father passed away, my wife endured a lengthy and invasive treatment regimen, my sister a somewhat lesser treatment.

If you have cancer, what is your diagnosis?: 

I do not and I am thankful for that.

If cancer walked into the room, what would you say to it?: 

How can we keep you out of our lives?

What makes you pedal harder—(when the riding gets tough, what do you think about)?: 

Peer pressure, keeping up with the team.


best wishes

Got out of the hospital Friday and have alternated between vegging on the couch watching the PVR'd TV Paige and I recorded last week and running around doing all the errands that didn't get done while I was a resident at the Rockyview - not to mention getting ready to fly to Lewiston on Oct 11 and organizing the first community wine tasting event of the season the night before. There's a distinct chill in the air here in Calgary and summer is fast becoming a lovely memory which makes me wonder how you're faring with the weather enroute. Hopefully you've encountered little or no rain or it's fluffy, white counterpart! I've thought of you often since you left . . . all you've achieved with your fundraising efforts for Cancervive and Wellspring, the physical challenge you set for yourself with the Peleton ride and the wonderful opportunity you afforded me when you and Dorothy asked me to be your Warrior! Please know that I'm cheering you on long distance and look forward to welcoming you and the rest of the Calgary riders when you arrive in Lewiston!

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