Cheryl-Ann Orr







Edmonton, Alberta


Executive Assistant

What is your bike's name?: 

Her name is Annette - named after my mom.

What is your level of experience with cycling?: 


How many years have you done the peloton ride?: 

3 years: as a Volunteer in 2007 and as a Rider 2008 and 2012

Why are you riding in the peloton?: 

I am riding for many reasons. I am riding in memory of my Mom, Fred’s Mom (Babcia) and many other loved ones. I have trained hard and will ride hard because this challenge is nothing compared to those who have had to battle Cancer. I’m also riding as a proud Ambassador for Wellspring Calgary as they provide the love and support Cancer patients seek at all stages in their cancer journey.

What are your top 5 inspirational songs you listen to while riding?: 

1. "Why God Made Me" sung by Joel Kroeker, 2. "Imagine" sung by Eva Cassidy, 3. "Into the Light" by Bahamas, 4. "The French Song", 5. "Things I Wish I'd Said" by Rodney Crowel, 6. and many, many more.

Who are you riding for?: 

This year Fred and I are blessed to be bringing two very special Warriors to the Dempsey Challenge - Jamie Treadgold (Cancer Survivor) and Jacquie Wiart-Lapp (currently undergoing Cancer Treatment).

What do you hope to get out of the experience this year?: 

I hope to be able to bring awareness of just how important a centre like Wellspring Calgary is . . . the more we can reach out to people, the better. I know the ride will change my life . . . I am hoping the result of my ride can help change many other lives.

What are you looking forward to most?: 

I am looking forward to the journey . . . to the people we meet along the way and can share our story with them . . . to be able to walk and hold hands with my Warriors at the Dempsey Challenge . . . and I have to be honest . . . for a chance to meet Patrick Dempsey. I admire his dedication and passion and it would most certainly be an honour :)

What is your biggest fear for this journey?: 

My biggest fear is that I physically will not be able to keep up. But I had the same fears when I rode to Philadelphia and I had no troubles at all! Sometimes I am harder on myself than I need to be.

How have you been affected by cancer?: 

Cancer is an ugly word. Too many people I have loved have been diagnosed with Cancer. Too many people I have loved have lost the battle to Cancer. But there is one thing I know for sure ... many people have been grateful for their Cancer as they have been able to see life in a different way. There is a reason we call them Warriors. They are brave and strong. And have taught me many lessons.

If cancer walked into the room, what would you say to it?: 

I would say F- You Cancer. I will do everything in my power to beat you. I will not let you defeat me. Bring it on.

What makes you pedal harder—(when the riding gets tough, what do you think about)?: 

When the riding gets tough, I start to think of all those I love and have loved who battled the terrible fight against Cancer. I think about what it is like for them going through Chemo treatments, Radiation treatments, how they somehow always manage to see the positive and stay strong and fight through it. I think of them and their strength and pray for mine. It is for this reason that I am also an Ambassador for "The Tomorrow Project". If I can do something today to help those I love of tomorrow, then I will do anything in my power to spread the word and get others on board. The Tomorrow Project is all throughout Canada . . . I invite you to check out the website . . .


The Road We Ride

Please take a moment to watch my fundraising video. This is why I ride.

Ten Days To Go!

Cheryl-Ann, With 10 days to go, I just want to wish you all the luck in the world for a safe journey! I feel like I know you already but I just can't wait to meet you at the finish line! Best, Laura


My dear friend may your ride be full of great memories of the people you ride for. You are an amazing and such a gentle soul, may the wind be at your back to help you on this journey, be well.

Go Cheryl-Ann

Cheryl-Ann, Your kind heart and giving spirit have been an inspiration to me. People like you do make a difference in this world. We are cheering from you from the beginning of your journey, right to the very end. We are proud of you! You go girl!

I am so proud of you!

Mom will be with you every pedal of the way. I am sorry I cannot be there this time to send you off, but know my heart will be with you every moment of your journey. Be safe, I love you xo

Thank you Iris!

we haven't even left yet and the magic already has started! My sweet friend Iris made the riders a goodie package with love and home made cookies! we love you Iris

The courage to set forth....

Your incredible journey across this breathtaking continent in memory of loved ones, has put me in mind of one of my favourite adages...."He who does not travel does not know the value of men." - Moorish proverb. In this case it is SHE who knows full well the value of those who gone before us, those who struggled and battled to stay among us yet departed far too soon, and those who have conquered all odds so they could they can inspire. It is SHE...C.A., who knows and honours the value those who have left and those who have stayed. Stay safe, be well, be happy....all my love

God Bless You

My dear Charlene . . . It is for those who struggle, who have struggled and battled to stay among us is exactly why am riding. xoxo

The Journey

Hi Cheryl-Ann, So the journey begins tomorrow. How I am looking forward to seeing you start off tomorrow and then meeting with you at the end of the long hard journey. Thank you for the gift of sharing this special time with me. I will be praying for you as you make the many miles to Maine. Go Girl!

My Warrior

God Bless you Jacquie! I am so excited to share this with you! Thank you for giving me the gift of you :)

Pedal power!

Good luck as you begin tomorrow, Cheryl-Ann! I'll be watching your progress online and thinking about you every day over the next two weeks, sending strength and encouragement. Wuhoo!

Sending you all big warm hugs for your start!

Hey Cheryl-Ann and Laurel, I am so excited for you all for this amazing journey you are about to start... and I am so sad that I am not at the start to cheer you on your way. You guys have a fantastic time and stay warm! My friend Dawn in Calgary said it is snowed there, but I know you guys are tougher than that!! So sending you warm hugs and I can not wait to watch your little blinking dot on the map get closer to Maine!

Your Journey Has Begun!

To Cheryl and Freddie and the Naughty Knights... The big day is here to set forth on this incredible adventure. May the sun light the road ahead of you, may gentle winds follow you, may it only rain at night, may each dawn bring fine weather, may your dreams be sweet, may your courage never waiver and may love, comraderie and fellowship grace the way. You are all in our prayers.

our first ride

love to all. first shift down. 1 degree snow sleet wind. 55 km through trails and highway in three hours. this queen was all in her glory with tiara and cape riding along with her six naught knights! love to all xoxox

First Day

So pleased to hear you made it through the snow. Watching your progress and thinking about you often. Lots of Love

Today's thoughts.....

We are following you closely, loving your postings and pics and so very proud of you. We feel that we are with you both, right beside you. Stay warm, ride safe and keep those Naughty Knights in line...Rock it girl...Love to both you and Fred. Love Kathleen and Curt.

ride3 day 3

well ... today was a challenging ride to say the least. started with minus 9 degrees, with nw winds. 90 km in 4 hours 21 minutes ride time average pace of 20km per hour. thanks to my coaches andrea and bryan for teaching me to be uncomfortably uncomfortable! haha! my team is awesome ... the volunteers fantastic! and the people we meet along the way have been so very kind. thank you to subways of Saskatchewan for our lunches yesterday; the bear claw casino outside Carlyle for providing comp rooms and dinner for the riders and volunteers; Lorraine at redvers campground for the warm and clean facilities to change in; for meeting Tiffany and jasmine from the local newspaper; and lastly for our ambassador team - so strong and brave. we are grateful for sharing the ride with us.

just gotta say how very proud

just gotta say how very proud I am of my Freddie. he is the biggest ambassador for Cancervive/wellspring/the Dempsey challenge and the peloton film. from dressing up the volunteers to arranging comp rooms - he's the best! everyone loves our Freddie

Day 4 - Ride 4

Day 4 - Ride 4. We are currently in Cavalier, North Dakota. We woke up to sunny skies and hope the temperature for our noon to 6 ride will be above zero with no percipitation. Yesterday's ride was a slow one - only 90 kms with a ride time of 4 hours and 20 minutes. The winds were a gusting but it was a good ride nonetheless! The best part of the ride was sharing it with the Amazing Ambassador Team. They are my heros! Thank you to Lorraine at the Redvers Campgrounds for the clean and warm washrooms for us to change in, and for also calling Tiffany at the local weekly newspaper to arrange an interview. We look forward to reading her article in the next Redvers publication! Freddie and I are missing out on two very special family occasions today - The Lezczynski/Bereznicki Family Reunion and my family's special Thanksgiving dinner with both my great grand niece and nephew. Much love to all - Fred and Cheryl. PS . . . we love reading your posts . . . keep them coming xoxo

Cheryl Ann, you are such a

Cheryl Ann, you are such a trooper and an inspiration! You go, you Queen Bee, you! God bless you as you ride in honor of the past, the present and the future. Thanks to God for you and all your fellow rivers and support crew. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Xoxo

Cheryl Ann, you are such a

Cheryl Ann, you are such a trooper and an inspiration! You go, you Queen Bee, you! God bless you as you ride in honor of the past, the present and the future. Thanks to God for you and all your fellow riders and support crew. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Xoxo

Thinking About You

Hi Cheryl, Thinking a lot about you today. Hope you are having a wonderful time and keeping up with those boys. Just a few more days to go. I'm praying that you have glorious sunny days Go Girl! Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a Great Thanksgiving!!

Hey Cheryl-Ann, I am so enjoying checking into this web page many times through the day and checking out your progress, I love reading your daily updates and wish I was there with you all... you are all very inspiring! Keep up the great work and I hope you all manage to get an awesome turkey dinner this weekend with an extra piece of pie!! You deserve this and so much more! Love and Hugs Iris

Day 4 update

Well . . . just gotta say that yesterday's ride was the best by far! Our ride began at noon at a wonderful little farm 10 north of Thief River Falls. The gracious landowners allowed us to transition and even provided us with homebaked cookies! Thank you Linda Johnson. The temperature was about plus 8 when we started. We rode 77 km in the first 3 hours. The sun was shining - the wind was at our backs. I could tell my naughty knights were itching to go hard - so off they went - 40 kms in 1.5 hours for a total team ride time of 117 kms. Currently we are in Grand Rapids, MN and the scenery is beautiful. Freddie is also here with this driver team - but staying in another hotel. It has been aweome as we have been able to see one another often, but with the shifts changing, we probably won't be seeing one another for a while. Today is Day 5 and Ride 5 for us - we ride from 6 to midnight. So today we are going to Target, shopping in Deluth and then on to our transition spot - somewhere in Canada I imagine. We're missing everyone back home - all the wonderful Thanksgiving celebrations and family reunion. We keep you in our prayers. Signing off for now. The Queen

Thankful for You

Today we are all thankful for your courage and strength. Missed you and Fred at dinner last night but know you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Stay warm, be safe - love you forever! xoxoxo

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey auntie, its so cool your are doing this with freddie. Hope your having a great thanksgiving! Hope to see you soon. Lots of love, Dawson :)

Thank you!

Hey Dawson. I finally am on a real computer and just read your message. How sweet are you, dear godchild? We love you and will see you soon. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too. xoxox

Cheers to you

You go Queenie! A little retail therapy will help ease the ride! Thinking of you this Thanksgiving as we have so much to be thankful for! We're cheering you and your band of theives on! Stay well. Love you lots!

Cheers to you

You go Queenie! A little retail therapy will help ease the ride! Thinking of you this Thanksgiving as we have so much to be thankful for! We're cheering you and your band of theives on! Stay well. Love you lots!

Almost there!!!

Hey there Cheryl-Ann, I check this page many times a day and in getting into to work today I see that you guys are alomost there!! That is so awesome, you all must be so incredibly proud, and I think what you have all done is so amazing! I can not wait to see you and Laurel when you are back in Edmonton to hear all about it.... Enjoy the warm welcome that I am sure is awaiting you all in Lewiston! Hugs Iris


Im sitting in this airport thinking how easy it is to fly accross this huge country and I'm in awe of how you all rode your bike's so far and so fast. You've reached your goal and touched our hearts Cheryl, congratulations to my sister from another mister!

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