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It’s about still having dreams to see your youngest girl pull on a graduation gown and walk across the stage to deliver her valedictorian speech; to get back on the bike and keep up with your riding buddies; or simply feel another embrace from your spouse before you turn off the lamp next to your bed.

This is the essence of what we have captured with our cameras and the reason we are producing the film, The Peloton Project.

The purpose of a peloton is to go further, faster, with less energy expired; all from the support of the team taking on the journey together.

The people in our film understand this and it is why they are so passionate about cancer care and survivorship.  It’s the reason they are willing to take on the 2500 mile bicycle trip across two countries in just ten days.  The Cancervive Peloton team will be cycling 24 hours a day beginning Oct. 3rd from Calgary and will arrive in Maine on October 12th to participate in the Dempsey Challenge weekend. We have been documenting the riders and survivors since January 2012 and will be filming the entire ride so we can share their inspiring stories with the world. Epic.

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