Day 1 is Here!

Well, this is officially my first blog for the Peloton Project film. How do I even recap the last few days? 

First off, Winter is coming…

Oct. 2nd and we are currently experiencing snow out here in Calgary. 

After arriving in Calgary late last evening, 2500 miles from Maine, I can honestly say that I do not feel far from home. Similar to the residents of Maine, Calgary is home to some very friendly and accommodating people. That has certainly been our experience thus far. From John Flegg, Peloton Rider and GM of Lakeview Signature Inn, to Sandy McGill, our Wellspring volunteer for the weekend, everyone has made sure we feel right at home. 

This morning, Jay and I went to pickup the RV at Shaw GMC where it had the parking brake repaired. Ramsey stayed behind at the hotel and did some preproduction work for the week. 

When I returned I had the pleasure today of riding around with Sandy in Calgary collecting equipment and various items for the production Crew including a Virgin Mobile phone so we are sure to have wi-fi for the entirety of our journey. We laughed at our shopping cart in the checkout line at Wal-Mart since we had the most random and bizarre items including office supplies, frying pans, ratchet straps and more. Sandy will be rotating driving shifts with myself for the five men in the production crew RV. A mother of four, she has humorously accepted the role as "Den Mother" on the trip. She is a good soul, and honestly we are so pleased to have her on board. She and I certainly had our misadventures this morning…but we promised to keep some our little secret. 

I even ventured out alone and went grocery shopping. The deli woman reminded me a lot of my own mother. She insisted I try each deli meat…sometimes twice. Not kidding, she must have given me $10 in deli meat to eat right there. 

Ramsey and Jay picked up the Can-am Spyder and went for a test run with the camera. Dressed in snowpants and the warmest winter gear they have, they circled the streets of Calgary. I was happy to do the groceries.

Ian and Johnny spent the night in Bannf at Bill and Lavina's place. Again, Bill and Lavina are just two more examples of how gracious everyone has been. They went out to Bannf with our very own Maine rider, Andy Bailes, who flew out here last Saturday. 

When they returned, Ian went with Sandy for a test drive in the RV. Having experience as a bus driver, she was a natural…I on the other hand have yet to take the wheel. My time will come. 

Johnny assisted Jay in mounting a camera to the recently acquired Spyder. It looks badass! The two of them worked in the frigid temperatures inside the trailer with flashlights, while it snowed outside and the wind howled.

The team gathered surprisingly for the FIRST time all together at 7pm for Ramsey's Director's meeting. Seriously, everyone has been so busy with various tasks, we had not been in the same room even once before. At 8:30pm the team split once again to tackle various tasks. 

Jay and Johnny returned, Wellspring volunteer, Mike Newson's borrowed SUV. We would have been in trouble without that vehicle. Thank you, Mike! 

Ramsey and Ian then organized the camera equipment and preparing everything for tomorrow's ride. 

And I am precooking some food for the week, and organizing my log book. 

In just four hours we will be on the move again. We are scheduled to leave here for 6am where we will meet the riders  over at Wellspring. Honestly, I am really looking forward to tomorrow! After spending the day with Sandy, I cannot wait to meet everyone else! I feel like I already know several of them since we have been communicating via email so much and I have been uploading their stories and photos to the Peloton site. 

So, with that said I say goodbye…almost goodnight and I will catch you up to speed on Day 1 very soon so stay tuned! 

Here we gooooooo!

— Brad

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